Jail: I’ll Never Go There. Because I’m White.

Hi, I’m David Brooks. I’m successful, rational, and generally superior. At one point in my life, I tried pot and got high, but now I write books and get elevated. Nobody of depth smokes pot, and certainly all adults who do are embarrassed about it, so it’s become eminently clear from my lofty perch that for the sake of the rest of you, we should fine, jail, and generally harass you for doing what I did, especially if you’re black or brown, because you people really are low, especially when you’re high. I’m going to go drink an incredibly expensive scotch now and contemplate interesting things that I will tell you more about later.

If you are white and well educated, you can read the full story here.

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3 Responses to Jail: I’ll Never Go There. Because I’m White.

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