The Problem With Unequal People

Hi, I’m still David Brooks. Recently, I showed you how it was okay for very smart people like me to dabble in smoking pot for a while, but the rest of you just don’t have the moral ecology to handle it. You’re welcome. Now, as I sit here in my four million dollar mansion contemplating more higher truths, it occurs to me that you need to understand, if you can, that when companies turned from a stakeholder to a shareholder value system and the minimum wage was highly reduced, there was no effect on de-industrialization, high school dropout rates, divorce, joblessness, or falling paychecks. You see, economic inequality has nothing to do with what corporations and Wall Street do–it’s the result of single mothers. As a divorced man, I should know. It’s also not the case that people drop out of high school because they don’t see a good future for themselves–no, silly people, people drop out of high school and then make their future worse. It’s a simple point for smart people like me who read a little bit of research so that I can do the thinking for you, but no need to thank me this time–just knowing that I’ve stopped you from questioning inequality is thanks enough.

Superior people can read the long version here.

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