Obama’s Waning Manhood

Folks, I’ll try to be brief here.  As I pull out and stare at my Johnson, caressing its tightly bound seams, flitting across its roughly cut edges, and imagining his epic resistance to release while fretting over the declining moral ecology of our fellow citizens, especially the poor and single mothers, I don’t know why, but I am immediately seized by Putin’s awesome naked torso and, at the same time, the crude image of Obama’s manhood.

And here’s the problem: Obama has erected a foreign policy, but it’s waning, and his flaccid approach to the rest of the world has not provided the thick prophylactic it needs.  Some might say that my position lacks any real evidence, but I’d wager that countless millennia of patriarchal, hyper-masculine thinking is hard to beat off, and it’s quite clear that an active foreign policy that respects borders really pays off in the long run.  So to understand how to properly dominate the rest of the world, do watch me participate in manly intercourse with a fine fellow insider on this deep subject here.

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